Daphna Jewels Unique Jewelry Items

Wearing jewels that really stand out is like making a statement. If you are looking for jewelry pieces that make a statement, try out the unique and rare jewelry for brides from Daphna Jewels. Daphna shows her appreciation towards this art by incorporating her sense of style and fashion. Every piece is surely a stunner when used on a bridal event. She is not a mere jeweler as she has dedicated most of her time studying “goldsmithing” in Israel.


In 2007, she launched the jewelry shop and has gained attention from prestigious fashion groups and publications. She has also appeared in various TV series and eventually being followed by a number of Hollywood celebrities. She also has a studio in NYC where every jewelry item is being furnished.

Due to the distinctive style of her jewelry, she has gained a lot of followers in the fashion industry. One of her famous rings is the signature animal ring. It is indeed true that she has remained true to herself through her designs. Daphna has a huge penchant among things in nature so its where she got her inspiration.

The animal rings are sculpted carefully to achieve perfection. It is meticulously given attention so that it will represent the real animal it wanted to resonate. Every ring has its own roughness that is purposely done; it defines the uniqueness of the ring so that it will look and feel different when being pitted against other rings in the market.

Daphna’s wearable sculptures create a new revolution in the ring industry. Due to her creative and unrestrained innovativeness, she was able to create something that is fashionably timeless. Most of the items she creates are attractive and stunning; it is difficult to ignore.

It is also attractive to ultra modern couples because you can seldom see nature sculpted on the ring, says CEO of Rice Village Diamonds, leading engagement rings Houston Texas based designer. Whether it’s a bird, sea animals, insects, plants, tigers, elephants, lynxes, frogs and many more, Daphna makes sure that it is exquisite and classy.

Her attention grabbing “untamed collection” which is composed of rings with animal sculptures is getting popular. If you want to access to her untamed collection, you can always visit her online shop. Recently, she added those rings on her online shop to be able to let the customers have access on them all over the world. The variety of pieces will surely make you drool. Most of the items are carved from 18k gold.

Daphna’s pieces of jewelries are perfect for couple who wanted to do away from the traditional diamond rings. Lately, she has also expanded her items from rings to bags, belts, and other bridal accessories. If you want to access her store, try to visit the site and get the address. It always pays off to visit the store before making a decision.

Make a statement on your wedding day by wearing unique and rare jewelry for brides from Daphna Jewels. To know more information about this type of exquisite jewelry, visit the site and contact her to get a chance to ask your questions.